Managing national security threats

National security is the most important aspect of every government in the country, and there are a lot of agencies and institutions, who are working towards providing measures and arrangements to manage every kind of national security threats. One of the major threats in the current generation is Terrorism, which has been shocking a lot of countries because of various organizations across the world.

Some of the popular and the dangerous intelligence agencies across the world

  • CIA – United States of America

Central Intelligence Agency or CIA is one of the most dangerous agencies in the world, which has managed to solve different kinds of threats with their secret sources. The intelligence agency operates based on the live Intel from different field operatives across the world, which helps the agency to solve every kind of threat and to defeat every possible terrorist organization.

  • Mossad – ISREAL

Israel is a home for Jews and Jews are considered as the smartest people in the world in both business and education. MOSSAD is an intelligence agency from ISREAL, which operates to take away threats to their country from Palestine and other Muslim countries across the world.

  • ISI – Inter services intelligence

Inter services intelligence is one of the most successful agencies in the world, which gets operated from Pakistan. Pakistan has formed the agency to operate different kinds of activities across the world and works based on the human intelligence from different sources in the world.

  • RAW – Research and analysis wing

Research and analysis wing or RAW is an Indian intelligence institution, which works mainly to provide counter terrorism measures to the country. RAW is formed by India and works to eliminate any threats to the country.

  • KGB

KGB is an intelligence agency from Russia, which is considered as the most lethal and dangerous intelligence agency across the world. KGB and CIA usually work against each other sourcing Intel about countries from field operatives.


You can take help from some of the institutions to take counter Terrorism Courses to join these agencies or can be hired directly from the agency. The agency engages in finding information about threats from different organizations from time to time.


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