A Complete and Detailed Guide for Counter Terrorism Courses

Terrorism is the biggest problem or threat faced by almost every country in this world. To defend this threat, counter terrorism degree has been started which mainly focuses on the anti-terrorism and also provide good job opportunities for those who successfully completed this degree. There is a lot to know about the counter terrorism training and courses. So, let us know about the objectives of this course in brief

Counter-Terrorism Course is divided into 5 parts which include:

  • Detailed learning about various terrorist organizations along with their motives, attacks and many more
  • Students should be perfect and independent in conducting the basic counterterrorism and counter intelligence operations.
  • Students must be proficient in planning and executing the programs for intelligence gathering.
  • Students should also be able to analyze the collected information and also separate the relevant information from the so called “noise”.
  • Last and finally, they should conduct the contingency planning around the terror threats.

The different examples of Counter terrorism Courses  include global politics, terrorism and society, weapons of mass destruction terrorism, advanced counterterrorism and domestic terrorism, cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, strategic intelligence, extremist organizations and advanced intelligence collection.

There are two types of counter terrorism degree programs which include

Traditional Counter Terrorism Course

This type of course includes the physical presence of students in the Universities and prepare for the real time experience by analyzing the significant statistics training and field placement .

Online counter terrorism Degree Programs

As the name suggests, these course are available online throughout the year. This course includes various parts like the significant study of legal systems related to counter terrorism, such as international law, criminal law, and threat assessment. It is perfect option for the part time students or working professionals.

The courses mentioned are specially designed to concentrate on both counter terrorism and counter extremism also. Extremists are also increasing day by day which also directly effects a countries economy.

The main focus of these courses is broader and includes psychological, sociological and legal perspectives in addition to technological analysis. So, those who want to pursue a degree in counter terrorism, there are many course providers available who provides both the online as well as the traditional courses.


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